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Fatal Dubai accident claims two lives in Al Khawaneej area

A man and woman passed away in an accident in the Al Khawaneej area.

A man and woman passed away in an accident in the Al Khawaneej area.

Tragic Incident Unfolds

A devastating traffic accident occurred in Dubai on Tuesday, resulting in the tragic deaths of a man and a woman. The incident took place around 11:55 pm in the Al Khawaneej area when their speeding sports car fell from the Etihad Mall bridge, leading to a fatal crash.

Cause and Sequence of Events

According to Dubai Police, the driver lost control of the vehicle while speeding over the bridge, causing the car to clip the kerb, spin out of control, and plunge onto the street below. 

The impact ignited a fire, resulting in fatal injuries to both the driver and a female passenger. The identities or nationalities of the victims were not disclosed.

Speeding Identified as Primary Cause

Maj Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, director of Dubai Police’s traffic department, highlighted speeding as the primary factor behind this tragic incident. He emphasized how excessive speed alters road dynamics, impairs judgment of road conditions, and leads to severe accidents.

Investigation and Road Safety Appeal

Accident management inspection experts gathered evidence to reconstruct the sequence of events. Maj Gen Al Mazrouei condemned reckless driving behavior, urging drivers to prioritize caution, strictly adhere to speed limits, avoid distractions, and fully comply with traffic laws.

Addressing a Pertinent Concern

Excessive speeding has been a significant contributor to accidents in the UAE in recent years. The incident underscores the critical need for heightened awareness and adherence to road safety measures among drivers to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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