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Fatal Car Accident in Dubai Claims Two Lives: Speeding Sports Car

A speeding sports car crashed into a bridge at Etihad Mall in Dubai, killing two people.

In a devastating accident near Etihad Mall in Al Khawaneej, Dubai, a speeding sports car fell from a bridge, resulting in the deaths of two individuals. The incident occurred on Tuesday at 11.55 pm.

Victims Unidentified; Excessive Speed a Factor:

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, confirmed the casualties were a man and a woman. 

The deceased’s nationality was not disclosed. Excessive speed was identified as the primary factor leading to the tragic accident.

As the over-speeding car approached a curve on the bridge, it skidded and collided with the curb and concrete barrier, ultimately plummeting from the bridge to the street below. 

The high speed caused the vehicle to continue in the opposite direction on the lower street until it came to rest on the median strip, where it caught fire.

Swift Response by Authorities:

Dubai Police and rescuers swiftly responded to the scene. Traffic patrols managed traffic flow, secured the accident site, and facilitated the arrival of ambulances and rescue vehicles.

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