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Fatal attack at Dubai cafe, 5 arrested

Five others get ten years of imprisonment.

Five others get ten years of imprisonment.

Prelude to Tragedy

The Dubai Criminal Court’s verdict unfolded, delivering a life sentence to an Israeli visitor for murder. 

Five others involved received 10-year sentences, while two were referred to the Court of Misdemeanors. The incident, rooted in family disputes from Israel, occurred at a cafe near the Dubai Water Canal on May 24 at approximately 4pm.

Witness Account: Harrowing Moments

A waiter from the cafe provided a chilling testimony, recounting the abrupt escalation that led to the tragedy. 

After serving lunch and shisha, one of the visitors unexpectedly wielded a knife, initiating a chase that culminated in a fatal stabbing. The assailants, known to frequent the cafe for two days, executed the attack a mere 20 minutes into their visit on that fateful day.

Victim’s Unawareness and Heartbreaking Defense

Ghassan Shamsyeh, 33, walked into the cafe while engaged in a phone call, unaware of the looming danger. Eyewitnesses revealed his attempt to defend himself with a chair as he was mercilessly stabbed in the heart by Hassan Yajori, while others restrained Mr. Shamsyeh’s friend, preventing any intervention.

Escape and Tragic End

In a desperate attempt to seek refuge, the victim managed to escape and found shelter in a nearby car, pleading for help from the vehicle’s owner. Tragically, he locked himself inside and succumbed to his injuries, while his attackers remained outside.

The court’s proceedings unveiled the harrowing sequence of events, painting a grim picture of the fatal attack at the Dubai Water Canal cafe. 

The verdict’s severity reflects the gravity of the senseless violence that claimed Ghassan Shamsyeh’s life, leaving a profound impact on all involved.

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