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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Farhana Bodi, despite challenges, inspires millions of people in the field of fashion and beauty.

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Farhana Bodi, an Indian born girl brought up in the country of South Africa, today is a famous content creator and is influencing the lives of millions of people. She has lived in London and is currently based in Dubai. Farhana has been ambitious and dedicated to whatever she does since the start.
As said, she was very ambitious and she wanted to be independent. To achieve this, she started working during her school days. She has been working since she was a 13-year-old kid. She has been an Indian, entering the fashion world and faced several challenges and rejections but that did not stop her from reaching her dreams and goals. She worked hard always, even on the school holidays or weekends, to reach the place where we are today.
Fashion and beauty have always been her interest and passion and has been in this industry for a long. She always creates content and posts around fashion and beauty. Being passionate about fashion and lifestyle and working in this field with full dedication and today she’s followed and admired by millions of people.
No matter she did face some rejections from brands, but she took it positively as one can’t be everywhere at the same time. Today, she has made a niche market for herself and focused on that. This has given her a voice and platform to be herself and work according to herself and seek all the opportunities that come her way.
What she loves the most about her work is that she gets to connect with people from all around the world from different backgrounds and get motivated and inspired so many people.
She believes in, “The future belongs to those who chase their dreams and never give up”.
She has achieved greater heights and will do well in her future as well. We wish her all the luck for her future endeavours.

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