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Family Reunion: Hasan Ali’s Daughter Bridges India-Pakistan Gap

Hasan Ali, who married Indian citizen Samiya Arzoo in 2019, is now at the centre of a one-of-a-kind family moment that spans the India-Pakistan barrier.

In a heartwarming tale that transcends borders, Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali’s family is set for a long-awaited reunion, highlighting the power of sports in bringing people together. 

Hasan Ali, who exchanged wedding vows with Indian citizen Samiya Arzoo in 2019, is now at the center of a unique family moment that bridges the India-Pakistan divide.

Love Across Borders:

Hasan Ali and Samiya Arzoo’s love story began with their wedding at Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm. Despite the political tensions between their respective countries, their union symbolized a message of love that transcends boundaries.

On April 6, 2021, Hasan Ali joyfully announced the birth of their daughter. Since their wedding, Samiya hadn’t been able to visit her home country, creating a separation from her family.

A Grandfather’s Long-Awaited Meeting:

Now, the much-anticipated family reunion is on the horizon. Samiya’s father, Liyakat Khan, a retired Block Development Officer from Haryana’s Nuh district in India, will meet his two-year-old granddaughter, Helena, for the first time during a momentous event – the ICC Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad on October 14.

Liyakat Khan had been living with hope and anticipation, fearing that his daughter’s husband, Hasan Ali, might not be included in the Pakistan squad. 

Ali’s name was initially absent from the roster, but a twist of fate saw him as a last-minute replacement due to teammate Naseem Shah’s injury. Thankfully, the Pakistan team was granted a travel visa just in time for the event.

Beyond Cricket: Diplomatic Aspirations:

In an interview with the Indian Express, Liyakat expressed his desire to see his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter at his home in Chandeni, hoping for improved political relations between India and Pakistan. 

As a cricket enthusiast, he also expressed a wish to convey his “regards” to coach Rahul Dravid and take a photograph with his favorite player, Virat Kohli. He mentioned his plan to ask his son-in-law for assistance achieving this dream.

This touching family reunion amidst the backdrop of a highly anticipated cricket match showcases the unifying power of sports and love, offering hope for improved relations between the neighboring nations.

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