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Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman: Chasing Storms with Passion

Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, a 27-year-old Emirati, is enthralled by nature's awe-inspiring force.

Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, a 27-year-old Emirati, finds himself captivated by the awe-inspiring force of nature. Obsessed with storm chasing, his decade-long pursuit reflects a profound connection to nature’s untamed beauty and unpredictable allure.

A pivotal figure in the UAE’s renowned ‘Storm Centre,’ Fahad Mohamad plays a crucial role in tracking weather updates and sharing captivating visuals with the nation. 

His keen observation and interpretation of cloud formations have become his hallmark, enabling him to anticipate and follow the development of storms.

From Hobby to Passion:

Despite lacking formal weather-related qualifications, Fahad’s passion for storm chasing developed during college. 

His encounter with a fierce storm on the Dubai-Ain Road sparked a deep-seated desire to document rainfall during the summer, initiating his journey into the world of weather tracking.

Embracing Rain and Collecting Data:

When confronting storms, Fahad embraces the rainfall before meticulously documenting the event. His focus on collecting crucial data, analyzing pressure changes, and studying cloud formations enriches his understanding of this mesmerizing yet hazardous natural occurrence.

Whether in summer or winter, Fahad’s field observations vary, tracking wind patterns and humidity levels to predict rainfall. 

Acknowledging the risks involved, he stresses the importance of knowledge, experience, and caution to minimize hazards, advising against venturing into low-lying areas during lightning strikes.

Passionate Pursuit and Travel Expeditions:

Fahad’s pursuit of storms has led him across the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, where he’s witnessed hurricanes and extreme weather phenomena. 

His dedication often entails driving hundreds of kilometers daily, tracing storms, and documenting their impact.

Evolving from Pastime to Informative Pursuit:

What began as a hobby has evolved into a significant informational tool. Fahad and the Storm Centre serve as a warning system, alerting communities to impending storms and advocating caution in specific areas during hazardous weather conditions.

Over time, Fahad’s knowledge has helped him adapt, avoiding traffic accidents during rainy weather by predicting storm timings and understanding cloud formations. His ability to interpret cloud colors and patterns aids in forecasting lightning occurrences.

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