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Extended Break for Dubai Students Around Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr

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Dubai Announces Three-Week School Holiday for Ramadan and Eid Celebrations

Students to Enjoy Longer Break in March

Dubai’s educational landscape will experience a longer break this year as schools close for three weeks to coincide with Ramadan and the anticipated Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Holiday Dates Revealed

The Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has confirmed that private schools following a September start will have a holiday from March 25 to April 15, 2024. This extended break is inclusive of the Eid Al Fitr festival, subject to moon sighting, providing families with an opportunity for extended celebrations and rest.

Impact on Academic Calendar

Schools are ensuring that the longer break does not disrupt the academic schedule. Principals across Dubai have structured the school year to accommodate the extended holiday without compromising the minimum number of required school days.

Embracing Religious and Cultural Practices

The extended break allows students to participate fully in the religious observances of Ramadan and the festive activities of Eid. School leaders emphasize the importance of respecting and accommodating the diverse religious practices of the student body during this significant period.

Preparing for Examinations

Despite the longer break, schools are preparing to conclude internal assessments and exams before the start of Ramadan. External exams for various international curricula are scheduled to begin after the holidays, ensuring students have ample time to prepare.

Looking Ahead

The Dubai educational authorities continue to prioritize a balanced academic calendar that respects cultural and religious festivities while maintaining educational integrity. The extended holiday is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to its diverse student population.

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