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Explore Affordable Higher Education Options at Global Education Expo in Dubai

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A Gateway to Global Academic Opportunities

Dubai’s annual Global Education Expo is set to open doors for students seeking affordable higher education options. Starting from January 28, the expo is a hub for dozens of international universities, with senior faculty members offering a wide range of courses, especially in medical, engineering, and AI disciplines. Organized by Qadri International, the expo aligns with the UAE’s vision to provide valuable educational opportunities to its residents.

In-Depth Information for Aspiring Students

Dr. Yousuf Qadri, CEO of Qadri International, emphasizes the expo as an ideal platform for students to gather comprehensive information on courses for their higher education. The expo will feature some of the world’s best universities, allowing direct interaction between students, parents, and university representatives.

A Cornerstone Event for Higher Education

Scheduled to take place in Dubai on January 28, Al Ain on January 30, and Abu Dhabi on February 2, the expo has become a cornerstone event for those aspiring to study abroad. Attendees can expect face-to-face interactions with deans and vice-deans, gaining insights into various programs, admission requirements, eligibility criteria, student life, tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, and more.

Diverse Global Participation

This year’s expo boasts participation from reputable universities from countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Georgia, the Caribbean, UK, Poland, and many others, presenting a world of opportunities for UAE students.


The Global Education Expo in Dubai serves as an essential platform for students seeking to expand their horizons through international higher education. It offers a unique opportunity for personalized engagement with educational institutions, paving the way for informed decisions about their academic futures.

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