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Expats in the UAE Embrace Festive Traditions for Christmas Preparations

Expats in the UAE are happily immersing themselves in the festive mood as the Christmas season approaches.

As the holiday season approaches, expats in the UAE are joyfully immersing themselves in the festive spirit. The glimmer of decorations, the glow of lights, and the magical aura created by ornaments infuse homes with a special warmth.

Cherished Traditions: Decorating Christmas Trees:

American expat Natalia Miranda upholds a cherished tradition by welcoming the season with a genuine Christmas tree sourced from Canada, emphasizing its authenticity over artificial alternatives. 

Setting up the tree right after the US Thanksgiving, the family invests time and effort, making it a cherished annual event. Even at the significant expense of Dh800, the tradition remains deeply valued.

Meaningful Traditions from Around the Globe:

Filipino resident Felizze Faye Navarro follows a unique tradition, setting up her Christmas tree in September, as the ‘Ber’ month signals the start of the festive season in the Philippines. 

The holiday holds special significance with two infants now, prompting an early celebration. The tree, sourced from Carrefour and IKEA, symbolizes cherished memories, adorned with reused accessories that evoke nostalgia.

Nostalgia and Gifting Traditions:

For Felizze, Christmas holds nostalgic memories of cassette tapes playing holiday tunes reminiscent of childhood festivities. 

Wrapping gifts for loved ones and placing them under the tree is a heartfelt tradition, carrying the essence of familial warmth and joy.

Repurposing Christmas Trees:

Natalia emphasizes repurposing their tree post-holiday, donating it to local conservation groups, or repurposing it for eco-friendly initiatives. 

This act of recycling aligns with their commitment to sustainability and finding innovative ways to extend the tree’s purpose beyond the festive season.

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