Expats are invited in Abu Dhabi to explore long term visas

Abu Dhabi launches a programme, which provide lonh term visas, inviting all talented professionals, students and investors to settle down with their families in the UAE emirates.

The step seeks to develop key sectors such as culture, healthcare, real estate and research and development (R&D)in Abu Dhabi.

It grants long-term visas that may translate to the coveted UAE citizenship for talented expatriates in a supportive and safe environment. While contributing sustainable development to Abu Dhabi.

The official report said, “Creative talent are urged to be member of a global arts and culture hub. Join the emirate’s dynamic media and the entertainment industry, or support the growth of our understanding of the past among fellow academics, conservators and archaeologists”.

“The creative visas builds on the 5-year Culture Sector Strategy for Abu Dhabi. Unveiled in November-19 by the Department of Culture and Tourism(DOCAT).

It covers 5 strategic objectives: 1st to preserve and sustain its cultural heritage; increase awareness of, and engagement with, cultural heritage and the arts; stimulate creativity as a driver for education and social change; enable and build capacity in its culture sector; contribute to economic growth and diversification.”

Abu Dhabi has an amazing cultural and a creative sector with strong global credentials. Which include world-class museums, art fairs, art centres, music concerts, and a grassroots talented community.

Thrive in the Abu Dhabi additionally invitations innovators to show their ideas practically. With entry to funding and incentives, as a part of a dynamic R&D ecosystem that’s pioneering new applied sciences to unravel the worldwide challenges of the longer term. From drinking safety to eatable items as well.

As part of the Abu Dhabi accelerator programme, Ghadan 21. Department of Education Knowledge(DOEAK) has launched academic research grants to award Dh40 million in competitive research funding to support R&D.

Written by Martha Paul


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