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Expatriate in Dubai Owns a Music Collection Valued at Dh1 Million

DALL·E 2024 01 06 15.26.58 A close up image showcasing a valuable George Michael album prominently displayed among a collection of vinyl records. The album cover features iconi

A Treasure Trove of Vinyl Records and CDs

A Syrian-Spanish national residing in Dubai has amassed an extraordinary music collection, now valued at Dh1 million. This remarkable collection has retained its high value despite the owner selling off a quarter of it in 2020. Among the collection’s prized possessions is a George Michael album, notably valued at nearly Dh5,000. The collection, which features a mix of 12,000 vinyl records and CDs, stands as a testament to the expatriate’s passion for music and the enduring value of physical music formats in the digital age​​​​​​.

Published on January 5, 2024, this news highlights the unique and often unseen aspects of cultural and hobbyist investments among expatriates in Dubai, showcasing the city’s diverse and rich expatriate life​​.

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