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etisalat by e& Introduces Green Network Initiative

etisalat by e& has announced its comprehensive green network activities, including network and data centre renovation.

etisalat by e& has unveiled its comprehensive green network initiatives, emphasizing the modernization of its network and data centers. 

This strategic move signifies a pivotal step in the company’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Building upon its dedication to sustainability, e& pledges to reach net zero emissions across its operations (scope 1 and 2) in all markets by 2040. This aspiration extends from its previous commitment to attaining net zero emissions in the UAE by 2030.

Innovative 5G Deployment:

Recently, etisalat by e& launched the first net-zero 5G Massive MIMO site deployment in the MENA region, showcased at Expo City Dubai. 

This pioneering deployment, entirely powered by renewable energy, embodies the fusion of sustainability and cutting-edge wireless technology.

Zero Footprint RAN Site Integration:

Integrating a zero footprint RAN site within its network, etisalat by e& emphasizes its commitment to carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency enhancement, and resource conservation, aligning with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative.

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO of etisalat by e&, lauds the successful implementation of green solutions, particularly within Expo City Dubai during COP28. 

Mahmood highlights the alignment of technological advancements with sustainability goals, underscoring the company’s innovation and customer-centric approach.

Data Center Sustainability:

The company has undertaken various initiatives within its data centers to reduce environmental impact. These include minimizing energy and water usage, adopting eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, reliance on renewable energy, implementing decarbonization programs, and promoting gas recovery, recycling, and utilization.

Network Modernization:

etisalat by e& continues its network modernization efforts by incorporating more energy-efficient equipment and solutions. 

These advancements result in significant reductions in power consumption (15 to 50%) while integrating smart power-saving features like AI-powered power amplifier shutdown and intelligent radio channels shutdown, optimizing performance without compromising user experience.

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