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Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) is all set to offer full-flight simulator pilot training to Israir’s Airbus A320 pilots.

Internal training needs has pushed Israir’s Airbus to get these simulators on dry lease.

Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) is to provide full-flight simulator pilot training for Israir’s Airbus A320 pilots. The Israeli airline will dry-lease the simulators at the training facility in Abu Dhabi, wherein the classes might be performed through Israir instructors.

“Following Etihad’s announcement to begin offerings to Tel Aviv, EAT is delighted to in addition industrial possibilities with Israel through providing comprehensive aviation schooling offerings,” stated Paolo La Cava, Managing Director at Etihad Aviation Training. “Continuing our dedication to supplying highly professional pilots through providing state-of-the-art schooling facilities, EAT is calling ahead to running with Israir Airlines and is awaiting in addition collaboration with the airline to cement this landmark agreement.”

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In a dry rent arrangement, the organization provides the gadget to the lessee without a crew. In a ‘wet’ lease situation, the organization provides each equipment and manpower.

Israir To Use Etihad Simulators To Train Its Airbus A320 Pilots - Simple  Flying

EAT gives education merchandise and services, inclusive of airline training, type rating, cabin group protection training, instructor training and cadet programmes, making it one in all the most important education centers in the region.

This isn’t the first Israeli airline Etihad is partnering with. In November, Etihad and El Al signed a codeshare services deal among Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, in addition to on networks past the two carriers’ hubs.

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Israel’s Airbus A320 pilots to be trained at UAE’s training facility.

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