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Essential Steps When Leaving the UAE: Cancelling Telecom Services

When leaving the UAE after a long stay, remember to cancel your telecommunications services ahead of time.

Remember to terminate your telecommunications services in advance when departing the UAE after a prolonged stay. Failing to do so can result in overlooked obligations.

Disconnection Procedures with Providers:


  • Clear outstanding fees before initiating cancellation.
  • Contact 101 or visit an Etisalat store to request cancellation.
  • Consider ‘homebound’ packs for up to 60 days of continued service access if needed.


  • Visit a Du store for cancellation, where charges will be calculated based on outstanding balance and early termination fees.
  • Prepaid users can cancel via the Du app or website.

Virgin Mobile:

  • Cancel through the Virgin Mobile app.
  • Longer plan subscribers must contact the provider if terminating before the final subscription month.
  • The account remains active until the cancellation’s effective renewal date.
  • The termination process via the app is detailed for both iOS and Android devices.

Cancellation Protocols:

  • Ensure all dues and charges are settled before initiating cancellation.
  • Different providers may have specific procedures for termination, so adhere to their respective guidelines.
  • Follow provider-specific guidelines within 12 months of the termination date using the original email address for reactivation.

Prioritizing the cancellation of telecommunications services ensures a smooth departure and prevents any potential financial or administrative hassles after leaving the UAE.

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