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Enhanced Security Measures for New Year’s Eve in Sharjah

Following the declaration of a ban on pyrotechnics and celebrations, Sharjah Police have increased security measures.

In anticipation of the New Year’s Eve festivities in the UAE, Sharjah Police have intensified security measures following the announcement of a ban on fireworks and celebrations within the emirate. 

This decision comes as a sincere expression of solidarity with the people of Gaza, who have been deeply affected by the Israel-Hamas war, resulting in the tragic loss of over 20,000 lives.

Robust Security Deployment and Traffic Plan Implemented:

To enforce the ban effectively, the authorities have deployed 362 military and civilian patrols, along with 933 policemen strategically positioned across various areas of the emirate. 

This deployment is part of a comprehensive security and traffic plan designed to maintain public safety during the New Year’s celebrations.

Strict Adherence to Ban Urged with Legal Consequences for Violators:

In a public appeal, the police force has called upon all institutions and individuals to cooperate with the imposed ban and abide by the regulations. 

Strict legal measures will be taken against anyone violating the ban; however, the announcement does not outline specific penalties. 

The authorities are committed to ensuring that the public complies with the regulations and instructions issued for New Year’s Eve.

Public Cooperation Emphasized for Strengthening Security:

Emphasizing the importance of public cooperation, the police authorities have urged citizens to report violations and work with law enforcement agencies. 

The objective is strengthening public security and maintaining a safe environment throughout the New Year’s celebrations. 

The authorities remain dedicated to providing support and promptly responding to the public during this period.

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