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Engaging Experiences Await Visitors at COP28 Green Zone in Dubai

COP28 welcomes everyone to participate in conversations that will shape the planet's future by hosting over 100 free events and workshops in the Green Zone.

COP28 invites everyone to engage in discussions shaping the planet’s future, offering over 100 free events and workshops at the Green Zone. 

Unlike the formal negotiations at the Blue Zone, the Green Zone amplifies diverse voices, encompassing youth groups, civil society, NGOs, the private sector, and indigenous communities.

Discovery, Collaboration, and Action:

The Green Zone fosters discovery, collaboration, and climate action across Expo City Dubai. Entry is free, requiring a Green Zone Day Pass registration at While entry is free, specific events may have additional registration or ticketing requirements.

Key Highlights of COP28 Green Zone:

The Green Zone, open to the public from December 3 during COP28, features themed areas focused on Energy Transition, Technology and Innovation, and Youth. 

These spaces empower individuals to actively influence the planet’s future.

Notable Events and Activities:

  • Expo City Farm: A hands-on experience showcasing regenerative agriculture, featuring workshops on hydroponic food production and sustainable farming. The farm offers farm-to-table dining experiences, community workshops, and cooking classes, promoting sustainability and minimizing food wastage.
  • Climate Musical – Alya in Terraland: A free original musical targeting a younger audience, employing hip-hop and R&B music to communicate environmental awareness. The storyline involves Alya encountering characters like an orangutan and an octopus, highlighting human environmental impact and advocating for climate action.

These engaging experiences at COP28’s Green Zone aim to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to contribute to global climate action.

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