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Empowering Lives: UAE’s Women Lead in Blood Donation Drive

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In a remarkable movement within the UAE, a dynamic community of women is leading the charge in a crucial and life-saving mission – blood donation. Members of the non-profit Blood Donors Kerala (BDK) – UAE, along with the Women’s Happiness and Social Welfare Group, are not only contributing through their own donations but are also inspiring an increasing number of women to participate in this noble cause.

These volunteers, who include regular donors like Archana Sasidharan, a Dubai resident for seven years, exemplify dedication and altruism. Sasidharan, who donates blood every 57 days, highlights the group’s aim to motivate more women to join their life-saving mission. The BDK’s ladies’ wing, consisting of around 30 active volunteers, focuses on encouraging women to step forward when there’s a need for blood donation.

Sunitha, the BDK coordinator in Abu Dhabi, underscores the health benefits of regular blood donation, such as improved blood circulation and reduced risk of arterial blockage. Sheeba Nazar from WHS echoes this sentiment, noting the physical, mental, and emotional benefits donors experience. Nazar, who began as part of a travel group, was inspired to pivot to blood donation, a decision that profoundly impacts both donors and recipients.

This initiative not only addresses the critical requirements of patients in need but also promotes the well-being of the donors themselves. The volunteers rigorously adhere to the eligibility criteria laid out by authorities, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the donation process. Regular donors even volunteer to donate blood during vacations in their home countries.

The UAE’s growing community of women blood donors showcases the power of collective action in addressing critical healthcare needs and empowers more women to become a part of this life-saving journey.

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