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Employers Fined and Files Blocked for Domestic Workers Violations

Mohre has issued fines of up to Dh50,000 on 153 employers who were found to be employing unauthorised domestic servants.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has imposed fines of up to Dh50,000 on 153 employers who were found to have domestic workers engaged in illegal employment. 

The ministry also took the measure of blocking the files of these employers as part of its stringent actions against violations related to domestic workers.

Violations Uncovered in UAE-Wide Inspections:

The violations were discovered during UAE-wide inspections conducted over the past two months, revealing instances where domestic workers were found working for other employers in clear violation of regulations. 

The ministry warned employers against hiring illegal domestic workers and emphasized the associated health and social risks.

Administrative Penalties and Legal Consequences:

The employers facing penalties are subject to administrative measures, including fines and file blocking, rendering them ineligible to apply for new domestic worker permits. 

Additionally, the cases will be referred to the Public Prosecution, which may impose legal and financial sanctions, potentially including fines of up to Dh50,000.

Compliance with 2022 Federal Decree-Law:

The actions align with the 2022 federal decree law, which prohibits domestic workers from engaging in employment without proper permits and working for multiple employers without fulfilling specific conditions and settling their status. 

The same measures will be taken against companies employing such workers.

Call for Exclusive Dealings with Licensed Agencies:

Mohre strongly encourages employers to engage exclusively with licensed domestic worker recruitment agencies listed on the ministry’s official website and social media pages. 

These agencies operate under Mohre’s supervision to ensure high-quality services for Emirati and resident families.

Residents are urged to report any illegal practices or provide feedback regarding domestic worker recruitment agencies by dialing 600590000, contributing to enforcing regulations and protecting workers’ rights.

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