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Emiratis exercise their democratic rights in Federal National Council Elections

Selected centers open for ballot before the primary vote on Saturday.

Selected centers open for ballot before the primary vote on Saturday.


Hundreds of Emirati citizens demonstrated their commitment to democracy as they flocked to polling stations in Dubai and Sharjah for the Federal National Council elections. 

This crucial event witnessed early voting opportunities for specific groups, ensuring accessibility for all citizens. With the introduction of remote voting, this year’s election promises wider participation than ever before.

Early Voting for Accessibility

Nine election centers across all emirates opened for early voting, aimed at accommodating senior citizens, disabled individuals, and those unable to participate on the official election day. This initiative reflects the nation’s dedication to inclusivity in the democratic process.

Extended Voting Hours

To facilitate widespread participation, the same centers will reopen on Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm, ensuring that citizens have ample time to cast their votes. These extended hours are a testament to the commitment to making the voting process as convenient as possible.

Main Election Day

The culmination of the election process will take place on Saturday when all 24 centers will open from 8 am to 8 pm. This is expected to be the most significant day for Emirati voters, with the majority exercising their democratic right.

Introduction of Remote Voting

A noteworthy development this year is the introduction of remote voting, which extends the voting period until October 6. This innovative approach aims to further increase voter participation and convenience.

Expanding Voter Eligibility

The significant increase in eligible voters, totaling 398,879 individuals, represents an 18.1 percent growth from the 2019 elections. This surge in participation underscores the continued engagement and enthusiasm of Emirati citizens in shaping their nation’s future through the electoral process.


The Federal National Council elections in the UAE exemplify a commitment to democratic values, inclusivity, and expanding voter participation. As Emiratis cast their votes in various ways, it reflects a vibrant and engaged citizenry eager to contribute to the nation’s governance and progress.

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