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Emirati Sisters Revolutionize Interior Design in Dubai with ‘Quick Fix’ Concept

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Transforming UAE Homes with Heritage-Inspired Designs

Dubai has recently witnessed a remarkable transformation in the field of interior design, thanks to two Emirati sisters, Hend and Hamda Al Abbar. These inspiring entrepreneurs have launched a unique ‘Quick Fix’ concept through their homegrown studio, Dress My Room, revolutionizing the way UAE homes connect with their heritage.

The Genesis of a Dream

Leaving behind their corporate careers in 2016, Hend and Hamda embarked on a journey to pursue their passion for interior design. They began by personally handling all aspects of their business, from carrying boxes to furniture, thus laying the foundation for Dress My Room. Their dedication and hard work soon paid off, as their unique approach to interior design started gaining traction in the UAE.

Quick Fix: A Three-Day Home Makeover Phenomenon

The ‘Quick Fix’ service, a three-day home makeover, became a standout feature of Dress My Room. Introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, this service offered a refreshing change for residents confined to their homes. The sisters’ approach was characterized by efficiency and minimal client involvement, requiring just one meeting before transforming spaces into beautifully curated environments.

Embracing UAE’s Culture and Heritage

In their latest venture, Hend and Hamda have introduced a special collection named ‘1971’, inspired by the UAE’s culture and environment. This collection pays homage to the year the emirates united, reflecting the sisters’ commitment to preserving their national heritage through interior design. Their designs, including a framed mirror inspired by Emirati forts and a side table covered in palm fronds, beautifully integrate traditional elements with modern aesthetics.

Expanding Collaborations and Collections

The Al Abbar sisters have expanded their business by collaborating with artists and brands. They have worked with local artisans, perfumers, and artists to create a range of products that celebrate Emirati culture. These collaborations have resulted in unique offerings such as home diffusers, tote bags, and textured wall art, all imbued with the essence of the UAE.


Hend and Hamda Al Abbar have not only transformed spaces but have also redefined interior design in the UAE by blending traditional elements with contemporary styles. Their journey from corporate employees to pioneering entrepreneurs in the interior design world is a testament to their dedication, creativity, and love for their heritage.

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