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Emirati Experts Unveil AI-Powered Audit Platform Al Mersad

Al Mersad was created by Emirati professionals from the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority in collaboration with, a G42 startup.

Emirati experts from the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority have collaborated with, a G42 firm, to introduce Al Mersad, an artificial intelligence-powered platform set to transform the auditing landscape in the UAE. 

Al Mersad leverages AI and big data analytics to enhance the auditing process’s speed, precision, and security, reinforcing governance and safeguarding public assets.

Advanced Anomaly Detection and Risk Assessment:

Designed as an integrated data system auditing platform, Al Mersad utilizes precise anomaly detection capabilities and a risk assessment mechanism based on intricate data pattern recognition. 

Al Mersad aims to elevate auditing standards, safeguard public funds, and ensure their responsible utilization for future generations by streamlining traditionally laborious and data-intensive tasks such as audits.

Mahmoud Al Alawi on the Revolutionary Platform:

Mahmoud Al Alawi, Executive Director of the Corporate Support Sector at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, emphasized that Al Mersad is the result of dedicated efforts by the authority’s Emirati team. 

He highlighted the platform’s ability to simplify the identification of financial anomalies and serve as an advanced governmental analysis tool, ensuring transparency and bolstering trust in governmental activities.

AI-Driven Accuracy and Efficiency:

Al Mersad leverages AI complemented by expert insights, significantly enhancing the speed and accuracy of the auditing process. 

The platform provides auditors easy access to financial data across relevant entities, reinforcing transparency, cooperation, and accountability. 

It represents a significant step forward in managing operations and resources, promoting productivity and efficiency in line with the accelerating pace of work.

ADAAi: Another Innovation Unveiled at Gitex Global 2023:

In addition to Al Mersad, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority unveiled ADAAi, an internal platform featuring a secure dashboard. 

ADAAi empowers senior management and executives with proactive decision-making capabilities based on accurate, real-time data. 

The platform automates institutional processes, offering insights into project completion rates and operational processes. 

This real-time visibility enhances transparency, cooperation, and accountability within the organization.

Al Mersad and ADAAi are exemplary Emirati innovations, driving the UAE’s technological advancements and reinforcing its position as a global leader in utilizing AI for governance and accountability.

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