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Emirati entrepreneur’s eco-friendly venture: towels reimagined

Hanadi Al Fahim fosters green business practices through a sustainable line.

Hanadi Al Fahim fosters green business practices through a sustainable line.

Championing Conservation:

In a remarkable move toward environmental stewardship, Hanadi Al Fahim, an enterprising Emirati businesswoman, unveiled ‘Bu’ in October. This initiative introduces a line of bamboo and recycled plastic bottle-based towels aimed at safeguarding the planet.

A Fusion of Culture and Sustainability:

Bu, derived from bamboo, isn’t just about towels; it’s a fusion of culture and sustainability. Al Fahim’s creation offers a collection of gym and beach towels that blend cultural inspiration with eco-friendly craftsmanship.

From Passion Projects to Purpose:

Al Fahim’s journey spans from her 2005 project promoting the UAE’s national tree, the ghaf, to establishing an art gallery a year later. However, with Bu, she feels a deep alignment of her passion for creativity and her commitment to green causes, marking a pivotal moment in her entrepreneurial career.

A Call to Action:

Through Bu, Al Fahim invites others to embrace innovative ways of contributing to environmental conservation while pursuing their entrepreneurial passions. Her story serves as a beacon, urging individuals to seek avenues where creativity meets sustainability for a greater purpose.

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