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Emirati chef Sultan Kayed’s journey from kitchens to pizza mastery

Sultan Kayed found himself lured to Gordon Ramsay's series and channels those studies into his businesses.

Sultan Kayed found himself lured to Gordon Ramsay’s series and channels those studies into his businesses.

Renowned Emirati chef Sultan Kayed isn’t just familiar with Dubai’s culinary scene; he has literally grown up in its kitchens. The visionary behind the popular burger joint, Goat, Sultan recently expanded his gastronomic empire with the inauguration of Lit Pizzeria in Al Khawaneej this month, marking a new chapter in his culinary journey.

From Kitchen Apprentice to Culinary Entrepreneur: Sultan Kayed’s Culinary Evolution

Sultan Kayed’s culinary journey began at the International Centre of Culinary Arts in Dubai, where he laid the foundation for his gastronomic expertise. However, his true culinary education unfolded in the local restaurants of Dubai, where he immersed himself in the world of flavors, learning recipes and cooking techniques from seasoned professionals.

Global Culinary Influence: Mastering Pizza in Italy

The turning point in Kayed’s culinary odyssey came when he embarked on a journey to Italy, a culinary mecca. It was here that he honed his skills in the art of pizza-making, blending the essence of Italian classics with his innovative touch. 

His stint in Italy became a crucible for creativity, resulting in a menu at Lit Pizzeria that showcases inventive variations like lobster and beef short rib, seamlessly fused with traditional Italian flavors.

Lit Pizzeria Unveiled: A Culinary Haven in Al Khawaneej

This month, Sultan Kayed proudly introduced Lit Pizzeria in the vibrant district of Al Khawaneej. The establishment promises a gastronomic experience that reflects Kayed’s mastery in the kitchen and his dedication to pushing culinary boundaries.

A Fusion of Cultures on the Plate: Lit Pizzeria’s Distinctive Menu

Lit Pizzeria’s menu is a testament to Sultan Kayed’s culinary prowess, featuring a fusion of global influences. Diners can expect a delightful blend of Italian authenticity and Kayed’s inventive spirit, creating a culinary haven for pizza enthusiasts in Dubai.

Sultan Kayed’s culinary evolution, from kitchen apprentice to the proud owner of Lit Pizzeria, exemplifies the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape in Dubai, where innovation meets tradition on every plate.

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