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Emirates Unveils Groundbreaking XR Technology for Cabin Crew Training

MIRA, Emirates' pioneering XR platform, provided a firsthand look at the complicated tasks of being a cabin crew.

The enchantment of watching air hostesses as a young girl inspired a unique experience for one individual who, on Thursday, virtually stepped into the shoes of an air hostess at the newly launched Emirates Group innovation hub, Ebdaa. 

The immersive encounter, facilitated by Emirates’ pioneering XR platform called MIRA, offered a firsthand glimpse into the intricate tasks of being a cabin crew member.

MIRA – Revolutionizing Employee Training in Aviation:

Emirates Group introduces MIRA, an industry-first Extended Reality (XR) platform designed to revolutionize the employee experience in aviation. 

The technology spans from onboarding to ongoing learning, offering a virtual environment for staff to practice and master various tasks essential to cabin crew training.

Virtual Coffee-Making and Real-Life Challenges:

The participant was equipped with VR glasses and controllers and engaged in a virtual coffee-making task. 

From handling flasks to reaching for coffee sachets, the experience emulated real-world challenges encountered by cabin crew members. The MIRA platform employs a photorealistic environment, providing a realistic training experience.

Enhancing Training Efficiency:

Emirates aims to significantly reduce the time spent onboarding new staff with MIRA.

The platform allows cabin crew members to familiarize themselves with tasks and responsibilities in a virtual space, ensuring they are well-prepared when they officially begin their training.

Future Enhancements and Realistic Simulation:

The second phase of MIRA will incorporate haptic gloves, offering trainees a tactile experience by simulating resistance when interacting with objects. 

This innovation aims to provide a more realistic training environment, including emergency scenarios like fires or childbirth in-flight, better preparing cabin crew for unpredictable situations.

A Salute to the Cabin Crew:

As the virtual training session concluded, a spilled bottle of juice served as a reminder that the role of a cabin crew member involves not just glamour but substantial hard work. 

The experience concluded with a salute to the dedicated men and women who ensure the safety and happiness of passengers in the skies.

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