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Emirates Unveils $950 Million Investment in State-of-the-Art Engineering Facility

Emirates Airlines of Dubai has announced a $950 million investment in the development of a cutting-edge engineering centre at Dubai World Central (DWC).

Dubai’s Emirates Airlines has announced a $950 million investment in constructing a cutting-edge engineering facility at Dubai World Central (DWC). 

This engineering complex is set to be the largest and most advanced of its kind in the region and across the global aviation industry. 

Spanning over 1 million square meters, the facility is designed to cater to Emirates’ aircraft fleet and operational needs well into the 2040s.

Strategic Confidence and Self-Sufficiency:

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, expressed the airline’s confidence in future growth and the aviation sector through this significant investment. 

The new facility aims to make Emirates entirely self-sufficient in maintenance, repairs, overhaul (MRO), and all engineering requirements for its aircraft fleet. 

The initiative is expected to generate thousands of skilled technical jobs, contributing to Dubai’s economic development.

Comprehensive Aircraft Engineering Services:

Emirates’ new engineering facility is poised to offer a wide range of specialized aircraft engineering services. 

These include routine aircraft checks, bespoke paint jobs, light to heavy maintenance programs, engine repair and testing, full cabin interior fit-outs, and aircraft conversions. 

The facility’s comprehensive capabilities position it as a one-stop-shop for the airline’s diverse engineering needs.

Project Timeline and Sustainability Integration:

Construction work for Phase 1 of the project will commence in 2024, with fulfillment expected by 2027. 

Provisions have been made for future expansion in Phase 2, potentially doubling the facility’s capacity in line with Emirates’ fleet growth. 

The engineering complex will prioritize sustainability, incorporating green building materials, solar panels across the campus, and recycling systems for oils and wastewater.

Functional Components of the Engineering Complex:

Phase 1 of the project will have the construction of eight maintenance hangars, a paint hangar capable of handling Code F (A380) aircraft, an engine run-up facility, around 20 support workshops, extensive storage facilities, and administration offices. 

The existing Emirates Engineering Centre at Dubai International will continue to operate, with the new complex initially managing overflow work and heavy maintenance programs requiring extended aircraft ground time.

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