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Emirates soars at Dubai Airshow: lands $52 billion deal with Boeing

The airline is signing a purchase contract for 55 more Boeing 779s: Sheikh Ahmed.

The airline is signing a purchase contract for 55 more Boeing 779s: Sheikh Ahmed.

Record-Breaking Order: $52 Billion Deal Lights Up Day 1

As anticipated, Emirates has taken center stage at the Dubai Airshow, making a splash with a staggering aircraft order valued at $52 billion on the first day.

Boeing Bonanza: 90 Additional Aircraft

Emirates has solidified its partnership with Boeing by securing 90 additional aircraft. The order includes 55 Boeing 777-9s and 35 Boeing 777-8s. This massive acquisition elevates Emirates’ total Boeing 777X order to an unprecedented 205 aircraft.

Strategic Growth: Deliveries Set to Begin in 2025

The announcement reveals Emirates’ strategic vision for growth, as deliveries for the newly ordered Boeing 777-9s are slated to commence in 2025. This move underscores the airline’s commitment to expanding its fleet and maintaining a leading position in the global aviation industry.

Sheikh Ahmed’s Statement: A Milestone in Aviation

Sheikh Ahmed, speaking on behalf of Emirates, expressed satisfaction with the significant deal, stating, “I’m pleased to announce that Emirates is placing an additional wide-body aircraft order with Boeing worth $52 billion dollars, signing a purchase agreement for the 55 additional 777-9s and 35 triple sevens. 

Including our previous order, this brings the total to an impressive two hundred and five.”

Emirates’ substantial investment marks a historic moment at the Dubai Airshow, signaling not only the airline’s confidence in Boeing but also its ambitious strides toward shaping the future of air travel.

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