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Emirates Prepares for Eid Al Fitr with 19 Additional Flights and Special Eid Menu

Dubai’s Flagship Carrier Expands Service to Meet Seasonal Travel Demand

Dubai, April 4, 2024 – In anticipation of the Eid Al Fitr travel rush, Emirates, Dubai’s flagship airline, has announced an expansion of its flight schedules across the Middle East with 19 additional flights. This strategic move aims to accommodate the expected surge of over 150,000 travelers flying with Emirates during the festive period, offering enhanced connectivity to and from key regional destinations.

Enhanced Flight Schedules to Regional Hubs

To cater to the high demand, Emirates will introduce seven extra flights to Jeddah from April 7 to 13, facilitating travel plans for those looking to explore global destinations such as London and the Maldives or visit family and friends in Colombo and Karachi.

Kuwait will see six additional Emirates flights between April 7 and 20, aimed at serving travelers heading to popular destinations like Dubai, Bangkok, Osaka, as well as those returning home to cities including Chennai, Hyderabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar.

Starting May 2, Emirates will also increase its flight schedule to Bahrain, offering 22 weekly flights to meet the growing demand for travel to and from the kingdom.

Special Celebrations Onboard

In the spirit of Eid, Emirates is set to delight passengers on Middle Eastern flights with a specially crafted Eid menu for those departing from Dubai. The airline’s commitment to providing a memorable travel experience will be evident through its festive culinary offerings, including favorites such as chicken biryani, lamb kibbeh labanieh, machbous, and a delectable vanilla and rose mousse cake, among other savory and sweet dishes.

Catering to the Festive Surge

With families and friends coming together to celebrate Eid Al Fitr after the holy month, Emirates’ decision to add four additional flights to Amman and two to Beirut ensures that more travelers can share the joyous occasion with their loved ones.

This initiative by Emirates underscores the airline’s dedication to meeting the needs of its passengers during peak travel periods, enhancing connectivity across its network, and enriching the travel experience with cultural touches such as the Eid menu.

As passengers prepare to embark on their Eid journeys, Emirates stands ready to ensure that their travel experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, reaffirming its status as a leading carrier in the region.

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