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Emirates Palace Brings World-Class Wellness Masters to Abu Dhabi

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A Haven for Holistic Health and Self-Improvement at the Mandarin Oriental Spa

Abu Dhabi, January 20, 2024 – The Emirates Palace, Mandarin Oriental’s spa, has become the epicenter for wellness in Abu Dhabi, hosting an ongoing series featuring some of the world’s most renowned wellness practitioners. From energy exchange to mind training, and even non-surgical facelifts, this series offers a unique opportunity for self-care and discovery.

A Personalized Wellness Journey

The wellness series kicked off with Jimmy Jarnet, a “wellness designer” whose ultimate massage experience begins with an intimate one-on-one aimed at unlocking the individual’s essence. Jarnet, known for his intense energy exchange techniques, offers a massage that transcends physical relief, promoting body-mind symbiosis and emotional release.

Luxury Facilities for Optimal Relaxation

The spa is a sanctuary of luxury, featuring a variety of themed treatment rooms, including a magnificent hammam and a mystical cove-like vault bathed in red light. Each space is meticulously designed to provide a serene and transformative environment.

Upcoming Residencies by Wellness Experts

The Emirates Palace has lined up additional masters to continue the wellness journey:

  • Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a holistic practitioner, will share her expertise in mind training and Tibetan medicine from January 25 to February 3.
  • Milena Naydenov, the global head of aesthetics at 111Skin, will offer cutting-edge skincare treatments from February 20 to 25.

Experience the Best in Holistic Care

The Emirates Palace’s wellness series is a testament to the growing trend of embracing alternative methods for well-being. With its luxury surroundings and world-class practitioners, the spa provides a perfect setting for those looking to explore new wellness avenues.


Emirates Palace’s wellness series is not just about indulgence but about embracing a holistic approach to health and self-improvement. It is a remarkable initiative that adds to Abu Dhabi’s status as a hub for luxury and well-being.

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