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Emirates Innovates with Cutting-Edge Technology for Travelers

Al Redha emphasises the importance of the Emirates innovation hub, Ebdaa, as a model for the future.

Emirates Airlines reports a significant preference among travelers, with over 50% opting for self-check-in booths or Sara, the world’s pioneering robotic check-in system. 

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operations Officer, emphasizes the growing trust in streamlined systems, drawing parallels to online shopping behaviors.

Innovation Hub: Ebdaa Center at Expo City Dubai:

At the unveiling of the Emirates innovation hub, Ebdaa, Al Redha highlights its significance as a blueprint for the future. 

The center aims to export groundbreaking initiatives from Dubai, fostering collaboration with entities that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and technology deployment.

Revolutionizing Customer Interaction:

Ebdaa houses an aviation robotics lab collaborating with global leaders like Dubai Future Labs. 

Among its groundbreaking innovations is an AI-powered customer support robot, Sara, designed for inclusive interactions, including support for sign language—a glimpse into the future of customer-robot engagement.

Technological Integration for Seamless Travel:

Emirates’ investment in technology extends to strategic collaborations, exemplified by the biometric path initiative developed with the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD). 

Al Redha details the accuracy and efficiency of this biometric path, allowing seamless movement through airport touchpoints, from lounge accessibility to boarding the aircraft.

Immersive Technology Redefining Employee Experience:

Emirates leverages immersive technology to acclimate future employees to Dubai even before their arrival. 

Al Redha highlights how new hires can virtually explore Dubai in real-time, gaining insights into various locations, accommodations, and the airport environment. 

This immersive experience aims to familiarize and comfort prospective employees before their arrival.

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