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Emirates ID Card: Mandatory Requirement with Exemption Options

The Emirates ID card is an essential document for all UAE residents, acting as proof of identity and residency details.

The Emirates ID card is a crucial document for all UAE residents, as proof of identity and residency details. 

Renewing or updating this card within 30 days of its expiry is mandatory to avoid late fines, which can reach up to Dh1,000, accumulating at a rate of Dh20 per day.

Exemption Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals can seek exemptions from penalties under specific circumstances outlined by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. Eligibility criteria for exemption include:

  • Residents who left the country, with the validity of their ID expiring after their departure.
  • Those whose ID expired due to deportation, administrative decisions, or pending cases with documented proof from competent authorities.
  • Individuals who didn’t possess an ID before gaining nationality or obtaining a family book.
  • Bedridden, medically afflicted individuals with proof from relevant authorities.
  • Diplomatic or consular mission staff and their dependents.
  • Elderly (70 years and above) unable to visit service centers with documented age proof.
  • Emiratis under the social security system with official financial status certificates.
  • Cases where delay results from a computer error.

Application Process for Exemption:

Requesting an exemption from late penalties for Emirates ID renewal is free.

  • Initiate the renewal request through approved printing offices, the authority’s website, or the smart application.
  • The system displays associated fees, including late fines. Eligible applicants can then submit an exemption request through smart services, along with the necessary documents.
  • Track the application progress. Approval or rejection will be communicated via SMS within 48 hours, prompting payment if rejected. Subsequently, the ID card application process can proceed.

Seeking exemption from late fines for Emirates ID renewal involves a straightforward process, allowing individuals meeting specified criteria to apply for waivers effectively.

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