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Emirates Flight Delayed in the UK Due to Hoax Email Incident

On October 17, an Emirates flight from Dubai was delayed upon arrival at Manchester Airport in the UK owing to a security problem sparked by a phishing email.

An Emirates flight from Dubai faced delays upon arrival at Manchester Airport in the UK on October 17 due to a security incident triggered by a hoax email.

The airline confirmed that Flight EK019 underwent “additional security checks” after landing in Manchester. These checks were initiated following a suspicious email alert received by the local authorities.

Hoax Email Investigation:

The Greater Manchester Police responded to the email, which warned of a suspicious package on board the flight. However, upon inspection, it was determined that the email was a hoax and no actual threat existed.

Manchester Airport temporarily closed its airfield as part of the security investigation, as reported by The Guardian. This led to flight delays and disruptions for passengers and the airport’s operations.

No Threat or Arrests:

Thankfully, no suspicious items were discovered during the security checks, and no arrests were made regarding the incident. Once the aircraft was cleared, normal airport operations resumed.

Emirates Airlines underlined its cooperation with local authorities during the incident. Following the security clearance, the aircraft proceeded to the gate, and passengers disembarked without further complications.

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