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Emirates expects travel demand to pick up from May

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Emirates airline now operates to more than 90 worldwide destinations as compared to 140 cities prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and expects travel demand to pick up further from May, said a senior official.

Adel Ahmed Al Redha, chief operating officer at Emirates airline, said the airline is operating around 30% of flights when compared to pre-Covid-19 period.

He mentions that, the airline recorded strong growth in passenger traffic of around 75-80% during Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 compared to the starting months of the pandemic previous year. Which shows that people are willing to travel.

He shows that the airline’s fleet of Boeing aircraft is now 100% working to serve passengers and cargo. While 15% of Airbus A380 is currently operating.

Moreover, Al Redha mentions that the airline is discussing schedules and dates of deliveries with both the aircraft makers.

The freight revenues exceed the airline’s expectations recently beacuse of increasing demand. The growth in freight demand expacts to continue till the last of 2021. Which prompted Emirates airline to convert 17 of its Boeing 777 passenger aircraft into freighters. However passenger travel revenues are fluctuate, depending on the measures taken by countries to overcome the covid effects.

Al Redha confirm news that Emirates airline will start testing digital passport from mid. And is currently collaborating with General Electronic in monitoring the logistics challenges facing the application.

In an interview with Arabic media, he said the imposition of new restrictions in few countries on travellers led to a decline in demand in several destinations. But few countries have eased restrictions in terms of Covid-19 checks and travel needs for travellers who have been vaccinated.

He stated that new Covid strain pressurize some countries to apply new restrictions. But the high level of vaccination by the UAE will contribute to increase in travel traffic. Which enhance visitor confidence in the local tourism market.

Al Redha confirmed that airlines’ revenues will drop because of pandemic. And closure of airspace by many countries for air traffic.

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