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Emirates Draw Unveils Record-Breaking Dh200-Million Prize

Emirates Draw, a well-known raffle, made news on Tuesday when it announced a staggering Dh200 million winner.

Emirates Draw, a renowned raffle, made headlines on Tuesday by announcing an astounding Dh200 million prize, marking the largest prize sum ever presented in the UAE.

Mega7 Category and Participation Details:

The staggering prize awaits participants in the Mega7 category, which is open for entries starting today until 8:30 pm on December 31.

Participants must match all seven numbers drawn during the upcoming Sunday’s event to claim the grand jackpot.

High Expectations for New Year’s Start:

Mohammad Alawadhi, the managing partner at Emirates Draw, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This cash prize is unlike anything seen before in the region, perfectly timed for the new year. 

We hope someone will kickstart 2024 on a high note by winning the Grand Prize this Sunday.”

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