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Emirates Draw Awards Dh15 Million Jackpot to Fortunate Participant

During the current Emirates Draw, held on Friday night, a player struck gold, winning the astonishing Dh15-million prize.

In a stroke of immense luck, a participant struck gold in the Emirates Draw, clinching the staggering Dh15-million jackpot during the latest draw held on Friday night. 

This marks the third grand prize victory in the Easy6 game, where a mere Dh15 ticket led to an extraordinary windfall.

Winning Numbers and Winners’ Backgrounds:

The fortunate participant selected six numbers from a pool of 39, with the draw revealing the matching sequence of 14, 28, 15, 4, 37, and 32. 

The previous two Easy6 winners hailed from diverse backgrounds, including an Indian driver earning Dh3,200 and a Filipino coffee shop manager.

While the identity of the latest winner remains undisclosed, Emirates Draw plans to unveil the fortunate individual following a thorough verification process to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Commitment to Impactful Change:

Expressing delight at the momentous win, Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, Managing Partner at Emirates Draw, emphasized the team’s commitment to positively impacting lives. 

He highlighted the celebration as a testament to their dedication and anticipated more wins and surprises in the upcoming year.

Transformative Impact and Community Focus:

Alawadhi conveyed confidence that the Dh15-million win would transform the winner’s life and create ripples of positivity within their community. 

Emirates Draw’s mission centers on giving back, notably through initiatives like the flagship Coral Reef Restoration Programme, aligning with the UAE’s sustainability vision.

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