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Emirates Advises Passengers Amidst Anticipated Airport Rush

Emirates, Dubai's biggest airline, offers a proactive advise to travellers, warning of an expected rise in airport activity.

As the festive season approaches, Dubai’s leading airline, Emirates, issues a proactive advisory to travelers, cautioning about an expected surge in airport activity, especially during December’s peak travel periods encompassing UAE National Day and Christmas holidays.

Anticipated Airport Rush:

Emirates forewarns passengers about the heightened airport rush, particularly on December weekends, projecting over 75,000 travelers departing from Dubai International Airport (DXB) daily.

In alignment with this forecast, DXB echoes similar sentiments, gearing up for what they anticipate to be their busiest winter yet as seven international airlines launch services to nine new destinations.

Emirates’ Tips for Smoother Travel:

To navigate the anticipated congestion, Emirates offers a series of strategic tips:

  1. Early Arrival: Advises travelers to reach the airport up to 3 hours before their flight and ensure prompt boarding gate arrivals.
  2. Check-in Options: Highlights a range of check-in and baggage drop choices, including Emirates City Check-In, First and Business Class Check-In areas at DXB, private home check-in, and remote check-in services.
  3. Emirates App Benefits: Encourages downloading the Emirates app for accessing flight details, managing bookings, obtaining digital boarding passes, receiving flight notifications, meal pre-ordering (in Business Class), chauffeur drive service booking, and planning inflight entertainment via ice.
  4. Online Check-In: Reminds passengers about the convenience of online and app check-ins, available 48 hours before departure.
  5. Luggage Drop-Off Options: Highlights the option to drop off luggage the night before travel at no cost or early check-in and bag drop facilities 24 hours before departure (12 hours prior for US-bound flights), enabling passengers to proceed directly to immigration closer to the flight.

Emirates’ proactive approach aims to empower travelers with the necessary information and options to navigate the expected surge in airport traffic during this festive season.

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