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Elon Musk Mocks Paris Hilton’s Cookware Brand Amidst Business Fallout

Tesla CEO Elon Musk faced harsh repercussions after endorsing an anti-Semitic message on his platform X (previously Twitter).

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, faced severe repercussions after supporting a post containing antisemitic content on his platform X (formerly Twitter). 

The fallout resulted in the withdrawal of major business deals, including Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media, IBM, and Apple, which pulled their ads from Musk’s platform.

Musk Takes a Swipe at Paris Hilton’s Cookware Brand:

In response to 11:11 Media’s withdrawal, Musk took to Twitter to mock Paris Hilton’s cookware brand, stating, “The ad campaign wasn’t super convincing tbh, I don’t think Paris cooks a lot.” 

Despite his seemingly dismissive tone, Hilton received support from fans who commended her efforts in establishing a food-centric brand.

Fallout and Uncertain Suspension:

The COO of 11:11 Media, Bruce Gersh, confirmed the immediate suspension of the ad campaign but did not clarify whether it was a temporary or permanent decision. 

The fallout raises questions about the longevity of Musk’s business relationships with prominent partners.

Initial Partnership and Cookware Collection:

Initially, Paris Hilton collaborated with Musk to advertise her Be An Icon Collection, a pink cookware line available at Walmart. The joint venture aimed to share revenue through Musk’s platform X.

Musk’s Troubles Extend to Other Corporations:

The antisemitic post impacted Hilton’s media company and led major corporations like IBM, NBC Universal, and Comcast to halt advertising on Musk’s platform. 

Media Matters’ concerns about antisemitic content prompted these business giants to distance themselves from X.

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