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Electric Vehicle Sales Soar in Jordan Amid High Petrol Prices

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are surging in Jordan, and the key driving force behind this trend is the high cost of gas.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are experiencing a remarkable surge in Jordan, and the primary driving force behind this trend is the high cost of petrol rather than environmental concerns.

Thanks to low import taxes, especially on affordable Chinese-made models, EVs have become a common sight on Jordan’s roads, both in Amman and along the kingdom’s desert highways.

Cost Savings for EV Owners:

Shadi Zatari, a Tesla owner, highlights the financial benefits of owning an electric car. 

By charging his vehicle at home, he’s cut his monthly fuel expenses significantly, making EVs an attractive option for those seeking to save money.

The number of EVs registered in Jordan has reached 60,000, making it the fastest-growing segment of the country’s vehicle market. 

EV registrations have increased substantially, with a 103 percent rise by the end of July compared to the previous year and a 167 percent increase for all of 2022.

Popular EV Models in Jordan:

Notably, Chinese EVs such as Changan Eado EV and E-Star, BYD, Dongfeng, and MG have gained popularity in Jordan. 

South Korean-made Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kona, Kia’s Niro, Japan’s Nissan Leaf and Sylphy, Germany’s Volkswagen ID4, and Italy’s Fiat 500 are preferred among Jordanian EV enthusiasts.

High Petrol Prices Drive EV Demand:

High petrol prices in Jordan are a major factor driving the demand for electric cars. 

With the cost of living being a concern for many Jordanians, the economic benefits of owning an EV are clear.

Economic Challenges in Jordan:

Jordan faces economic challenges, with high unemployment rates and substantial public debt. 

These factors further motivate individuals to seek cost-effective solutions such as EVs.

While the primary motivation for many Jordanians is cost savings, it’s worth noting that EVs produce no toxic emissions, contributing to cleaner air in the cities. 

Some individuals also consider the environmental benefits, especially if they charge their EVs using renewable energy sources.

Government Incentives:

The Jordanian government has encouraged the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing import duties on EVs and expanding the charging infrastructure. 

Additionally, many battery-powered cars are being added to the government’s fleet.

Popularity of Chinese-Made EVs:

Chinese-made EVs, such as those offered by Changan Auto, have gained significant popularity in Jordan due to their affordability and impressive range.

EVs are increasingly in demand, with many consumers choosing them over traditional gasoline cars due to their cost-effectiveness and impressive range, making them a dominant force in Jordan’s automotive market.

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