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Ed Sheeran’s Dubai Concert: Pyrotechnics and Musicianship Create a Perfect Concert Formula

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A Review of Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai

Dubai, January 20, 2024 – Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics tour stopped in Dubai, and it was nothing short of spectacular. About 30,000 fans gathered at The Sevens Stadium, where the British singer-songwriter delivered an electric live performance, complete with fireworks and a contagious energy that had all voices singing in unison.

A Stage Set for a Memorable Night

The stage, with a rotating centerpiece and a 360-degree screen overhead, set the scene for an immersive experience. The addition of pyrotechnics further enthralled the audience, adding a visual dazzle to the audio treat.

Calum Scott: More Than Just a Supporting Act

Opening act Calum Scott set the tone for the evening with his powerful vocals and emotive performance. His renditions of hits like “You Are The Reason” and “Dancing On My Own” resonated with the audience, preparing them for the main event with warmth and vigor.

Sheeran’s Hit-Making Virtuosity

Sheeran took to the stage with an infectious energy, starting his 26-song set with “Tides” and quickly ramping up the excitement with “Blow,” complemented by sudden flames that added to the evening’s thrill. His set, a balanced mix of old favorites and new tracks, showcased his journey through music, highlighted by chart-topping numbers.

The Art of Live Looping

Known for his live looping, Sheeran wove a musical tapestry solo on stage, skillfully layering sounds with his looper pedal, which allowed him to be the one-man band he’s famously become. This technique shone through his performance, captivating the audience with a focus on the sheer talent of the artist.

Chart-Toppers and Audience Sing-Alongs

With an array of hits like “Thinking Out Loud,” “Perfect,” and “Photograph,” Sheeran invited the crowd to join in, creating a massive chorus of fans that filled the stadium. His performance of “Love Yourself,” which he penned for Justin Bieber, was another highlight, showcasing his songwriting prowess.

An Encore of Fireworks and Fervor

Sheeran concluded the night with “Shape of You” and “Bad Habits,” energizing the crowd even after hours of performance. The evening wrapped up with a burst of fireworks, a fitting end to a concert that was both a visual and musical spectacle.


Ed Sheeran’s Dubai concert was a testament to his status as a global music icon. The blend of his musicianship with the elaborate production created a perfect concert formula, leaving fans with an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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