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Economist Dr. Mohamed El-Erian honored with Great Arab Minds Award

Dr El-Erian is one of the planet's most widely followed economists.

Dr El-Erian is one of the planet’s most widely followed economists.

Award-Winning Economist:

Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, the esteemed president of Queens’ College, a part of the University of Cambridge, has received recognition in the economics category of the prestigious Great Arab Minds awards. 

His exceptional contributions to the economic domain and insightful analyses of shifting financial paradigms were lauded by the award organizers.

Distinguished Career:

Apart from serving as the chief economic adviser at Allianz and formerly holding the position of chief executive at Pimco, Dr. El-Erian is a professor of practice at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, he holds the role of a senior global fellow at the Lauder Institute.

Sheikh Mohammed’s Acknowledgment:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, announced the award on social media, extending his congratulations to Dr. El-Erian. 

He emphasized the significance of the Great Arab Minds award in celebrating and honoring the notable achievements of individuals from the Arab region. Sheikh Mohammed commended Dr. El-Erian’s pivotal contributions through his writings and expertise, shaping the understanding and future perspectives of global economies.

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