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Early Chill Graces UAE: Is Winter Arriving Ahead of Schedule?

While winter officially begins on December 21, the UAE has experienced a distinct cold, with temperatures dropping earlier than expected.

While winter officially begins after December 21, a noticeable chill has settled in the UAE, with temperatures dropping earlier than expected. 

The country’s Meteorological Department recorded a chilly 8.8°C on Friday, signaling the onset of cooler weather.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported the lowest temperature, 8.8°C, in Al Ain’s Raknah area at 6:45 am, marking a particularly cold morning for the region.

Recent Temperature Trends:

Recently, temperatures in parts of Al Ain have hovered around 10°C to 11°C. Notably, on December 5, the Raknah desert experienced temperatures below the 10°C mark, reminiscent of previous years when the area became known for its icy conditions.

Raknah has garnered attention in recent times due to its unusual weather. Located in a corner of Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain region, it has witnessed temperatures plummeting to sub-zero levels. 

Residents have witnessed ice pellets, frozen shrubs, and snow-covered landscapes, creating a remarkable wintry atmosphere in the desert.

Anticipation for Wintry Conditions:

With temperatures already hitting 8.8°C well before the official start of winter, speculation arises about whether Raknah and its surroundings will transform into a snowy wonderland this year. 

The region’s history of freezing temperatures has sparked curiosity about the potential winter spectacle awaiting residents and visitors alike.

As the UAE experiences these early temperature drops, the possibility of witnessing similar wintry scenes as in previous years looms. 

The anticipation grows as the country prepares for potential surprises, with the mercury dropping considerably before the onset of the official winter season.

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