Dubai’s Theater Presents a New Show: ‘Lost in Time’

Dubai’s renowned dinner show destination, Theater, is set to thrill with a new show, ‘Lost in Time,’ which launches on Wednesday. 

This show promises fabulous entertainment, gastronomy, and a musical journey through history.

Theater’s Unique Entertainment Experience:

As one of the most unique entertainment hotspots in the Middle East, Theater is committed to presenting real artists and incredible shows. 

Additionally, they serve delicious and innovative dishes created by award-winning Chef Mattheus Stinnissen. 

With the debut of ‘Lost in Time,’ Theater continues to push the boundaries of entertainment, offering an immersive experience unlike before.

‘Lost in Time’ – An Epic Journey Through Eras:

An epic journey through the eras, ‘Lost in Time’ is a concept by the maestro Guy Manoukian with the assistance of talented Actor and Art Director Cristian Lo Presti. 

This show catapults audiences into a captivating narrative centered around time travel. The story follows the odyssey of two astronauts who become marooned in various historical ages while seeking a path back to their present. 

Each era they visit brings an eclectic array of pop hits from that period, which help guide them.

A Musical Journey Through Time:

From the swinging melodies of the 1920s to the revolutionary spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and the disco fever of the 1970s, ‘Lost in Time’ is guaranteed to have audiences of every age on their feet through a stellar lineup of iconic hits from across the decades.

The Power of Music and Connection:

The musical journey serves as a testament to the enduring impact of music and its ability to unite people across generations. 

Guy Manoukian expressed his excitement for the new season show, saying ‘The Theater Dubai is committed to delivering immersive entertainment, and ‘Lost in Time’ is a testament to that dedication, delivering an extraordinary experience that transcends time and enables connection through the power of music.”

Prepare to be spellbound by ‘Lost in Time’ at The Theater Dubai, where the magic of music meets the allure of time travel in a dinner show that will take audiences on a unique journey, one song at a time.

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