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Dubai’s Smart Sustainability Oasis: A Colorful Recycling Revolution

The Smart Sustainability Oasis (SSO) project, a critical component of Dubai's enormous recycling drive to divert trash from landfills, is introduced.

Have you ever wondered about the vibrant recycling bins in Dubai? Introducing the Smart Sustainability Oasis (SSO) project, a pivotal element in Dubai’s extensive recycling initiative to divert materials from landfills. 

The Dubai Municipality (DM) collects over 8000kg of recyclables each week from 17 strategically placed bins across the emirate.

Environmental Advancements and Collaboration:

Saeed Abdul Rahim Safar, acting director of DM’s Waste Operations Department, describes the SSO project as a highly successful initiative. 

It advances environmental goals and fosters a culture of waste segregation and recycling in collaboration with the local community. The project aligns with national environmental targets by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Community Centers Making a Difference:

Operating 24/7 and recycling 18 different materials, including metals and electronic waste, these community centers under the SSO project have diverted nearly 2.5 million tonnes of waste from landfills since its launch in 2018. 

The emphasis is on segregating waste at its source, encouraging environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Supporting Recycling Industry:

Saeed emphasizes that waste segregation at source significantly reduces landfill waste, supporting the growth of the recycling industry in Dubai. 

Recyclables from various projects, including My City, My Environment, and the NORD system, are collected and redirected to treatment and recycling facilities, transforming them into new products.

Circular Economy Design:

The recycling centers, designed from repurposed shipping containers, embody the principles of reuse and creating a circular economy. 

Each center, with a one-tonne capacity, employs multicolored containers to collect diverse recyclables, including electronic devices and batteries. Remote sensors track collected materials, and solar energy powers the centers.

Equipped with cameras and audio devices, the centers acknowledge users and convey thank-you messages. 

Designed to be accessible to people of determination, customers can remain in their vehicles, following designated entry and exit points.

Future Expansion Plans:

DM is actively looking to expand the recycling infrastructure throughout the emirate. Under the Waste Recycle Materials Collection Centre initiative, a new recycling center is planned for the current year. 

The location will be carefully chosen based on technical requirements and population density, further advancing Dubai’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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