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Dubai’s Silent Auction Raises Dh200,000 for Children’s Medical Aid

A 'silent auction' hosted at A1 Space in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, sent a strong message of unity and support to Gaza's war-torn youngsters.

A ‘silent auction’ held at A1 Space in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, echoed a powerful message of unity and support for Gaza’s war-affected children. 

The event, orchestrated by the non-profit Little Wings Foundation, witnessed the UAE community’s overwhelming display of generosity, highlighting the collective empathy toward the cause.

Beyond Expectations: A Night of Benevolence:

In a remarkable display of compassion, attendees surpassed expectations, contributing beyond the set requirements. Notably, one woman’s extraordinary donation of Dh17,000 upon entry, far exceeding the requested Dh150, encapsulated the immense spirit of giving that permeated the evening.

The Wings for Gaza initiative proved a resounding success, amassing an impressive Dh200,000 in a single night. 

These funds are earmarked to provide crucial medical aid and advocate for the well-being of Gaza’s children, particularly aiding those with war-related limb deformities.

Embracing Palestinian Heritage and Support:

Transforming into a vibrant display of Palestinian culture, the event enveloped attendees in a tapestry of artistry and solidarity. 

Adorned in traditional Palestinian keffiyeh headscarves and attire imprinted with messages of support, participants showcased unwavering solidarity for Gaza.

Engaging Unity and Contribution:

The event featured diverse activities, including a silent auction featuring captivating Palestinian art, paintings, installations, and authentic Gaza artifacts. 

Engaging through their phones, attendees passionately bid on these culturally significant items, symbolizing their dedication to the cause.

Passionate Volunteerism and Collective Commitment:

The event attracted dedicated volunteers, including passionate high school students like Yasma Husseini, whose commitment stems from a deep-seated connection to the Palestinian cause. Their involvement underscores a multigenerational dedication to supporting Gaza’s children.

Asil Abdo and Tariq Abu Shaban, prominent attendees, and volunteers, epitomized the community’s unwavering dedication. 

Their simple yet profound response, “Why not?” resonates with the sentiment driving the community’s unwavering support for the cause.

Unity in Diversity:

The event served as a poignant convergence of individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups; all united in their unwavering solidarity with Gaza. 

Beyond cultural and national boundaries, attendees seized a unique opportunity to tangibly impact the lives of young individuals affected by conflict.

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