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Dubai’s Second Tallest Tower with Vertical Mall, 7-Star Hotel to Complete in 2028

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A New Architectural Marvel in the Making

Dubai is set to enhance its skyline with a spectacular new addition. Slated for completion in 2028, the city will welcome its second tallest tower, featuring a unique vertical mall and a luxurious 7-star hotel. This ambitious project, worth Dh5.5 billion, is a testament to Dubai’s unceasing quest for architectural and infrastructural excellence.

Unveiling the Details

The tower, whose name is yet to be revealed by Azizi Developments, is under construction opposite the World Trade Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road. Mirwais Azizi, the founder and chairman of Azizi Developments, expressed that this tower is their legacy, signifying gratitude and giving back to Dubai and its people.

A Blend of Luxury and Innovation

A hallmark of modern architecture, the tower will house an array of high-end amenities. These include luxury residences, penthouses, an observation deck, and several top-notch restaurants. The highlight, however, is the vertical mall, a concept that is poised to redefine shopping experiences in the region.

A New Height in Luxury

To surpass the height of Marina 101, currently Dubai’s second tallest building, and possibly rival the world’s second tallest structure, Azizi’s tower is a venture in architectural ambition. It’s a symbol of Dubai’s futuristic vision and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and luxury.


The announcement of this tower is more than just the addition of another high-rise; it represents Dubai’s continual evolution as a global city. With its unique features and luxurious offerings, this development is set to be a landmark in Dubai’s illustrious skyline.

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