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Dubai’s Rainy Day: Parents became Teacher for a Day

Due to the rainy weather, Dubai residents' workday schedules were disrupted as their children's schools resorted to online classes.

Dubai residents like Amin Taleb and Syed Sajjad Mastan faced alterations in their workday plans as their children’s schools switched to online classes due to the rainy weather, sparing them from traffic chaos but requiring adjustments.

Balancing Work and Virtual Teaching:

Parents, such as Mrs. Sahany, temporarily took on the role of teacher, navigating virtual classes while managing their work responsibilities. 

Despite challenges, many parents found ways to assist their children during online sessions.

Shreya Chakravarty acknowledged the challenges but supported the school’s decision, recognizing the importance of prioritizing student safety, even if it meant unexpected alterations to plans and events.

Seamless Transition to Distance Learning:

Dubai’s technological readiness allowed for a smooth shift from in-person to distance learning, ensuring minimal disruptions in education, as highlighted by the parent of a Grade 8 student at Apple International School, Andre Ryan Sabido.

For some, like Filipino expat Ben Lebig, the move to remote learning on a Friday, when schools typically dismiss early, didn’t drastically affect their routines, emphasizing the priority of safety over inconveniences caused by the change.

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