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Dubai’s private schools experience high demand amid new term 

New schools are opening to satisfy demand as a rising number of families move to the emirate.

New schools are opening to satisfy demand as a rising number of families move to the emirate.

Growing Demand and Capacity Challenges:

As the new academic term in January approaches, several private schools in Dubai are grappling with burgeoning demand, some even reporting full enrollment and the implementation of waiting lists. This surge is largely attributed to an influx of families relocating to the UAE.

Meeting the Surging Need:

School groups, including Gems Education, are strategically expanding capacities and opening new educational institutions to address this surge in demand. 

Gems Education initiated the 2023-24 academic year with a historic high in pupil numbers, prompting investments in both new and existing schools to accommodate the growing student population.

Expanding Educational Offerings:

The recent launch of Gems Metropole School Al Waha and the announcement of the forthcoming Gems Founders School Masdar City, a net-zero energy school set to debut in August 2024, exemplify the efforts to cater to this increasing demand. 

Additionally, Gems is enhancing capacities in sought-after schools like Jumeirah College, Gems Wesgreen International School Sharjah, and Gems Founders School Al Mizhar.

Addressing the Demand:

Despite reaching near capacity or having waiting lists, Mr. Zafar Raja assured that certain year groups in many schools still have available spaces. Moreover, Gems Education plans to announce the unveiling of new schools for the 2024-25 academic year.

Factors Driving Demand:

Mr. Raja attributed this growth and record enrollment to the escalating demand for quality education, fueled by population growth, favorable market conditions, a thriving economy, and the UAE’s enduring appeal, characterized by top-tier security, robust infrastructure, and an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and enterprise.

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