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Dubai’s Pink Taxi Runner, Running Every Street in the Emirate

Yasmine Salaam, a marathon enthusiast from Dubai, completed an astonishing achievement by jogging through every street in the entire city of Dubai.

Dubai-based marathon enthusiast Yasmine Salaam, known affectionately as the Pink Taxi Runner, accomplished an extraordinary feat by running through every street in the entire expanse of Dubai. 

Spanning from the borders of Abudhabi to Sharjah, including Hatta, her journey covered the entire emirate, excluding highways but encompassing all streets constructed by RTA.

Pride in Achievement and In-depth Connection to Dubai:

Expressing her pride in this remarkable achievement, Salaam shared her joy with Khaleej Times, highlighting the intimate knowledge she had gained about the country she had called home for 48 years. 

This extensive endeavor allowed her to intimately understand Dubai’s infrastructure, lifestyle, urban planning, and societal dynamics.

Embracing Dubai’s Growth and Diversity:

Amidst Dubai’s continuous development, Salaam noted the challenge of keeping pace with the city’s evolution. Despite running extensively, the expansion of streets posed an ongoing challenge. 

She appreciated neighborhood diversity, observing the harmonious blend of various nationalities within different city quarters.

Throughout the five years from 2018 to 2023, including the pandemic year, Salaam consistently ran roughly 1000km annually, meticulously documenting her progress on social media. 

Her dedication culminated in a celebratory post on Wednesday, marking the completion of her epic project.

Unveiling Dubai’s Gems and Favorites:

Each street unveiled a discovery for Salaam. While she cherished iconic areas like Downtown Dubai, old Deira, the Palm, and Marina, she also expressed fondness for Jumeirah due to her childhood connections. 

She highlighted the architectural marvels of Silicon Oasis, the serene landscapes of Awir and Khawaneej, and the charm of old neighborhoods like Wuheida, BuHail, and Muraqqabat.

Inspiration and Encouragement from Dubai Fitness Challenge:

Salaam credited the Dubai Fitness Challenge for fostering a supportive and active community, emphasizing Dubai’s vibrancy and the immense support from its extensive running community. 

She hailed Dubai as a city where aspirations can be realized and praised the city’s spirit of encouragement.

Yasmine expressed her aspiration for Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, hoping that her five-year endeavor would catch his attention, acknowledging her profound dedication to Dubai as the sports emirate she loves dearly.

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