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Dubai’s Nol Card: The Epitome of Convenience in City Living

The Nol card, a multifaceted gem provided by the RTA, exemplifies the city's commitment to seamless living.

Ask any Dubai resident what makes a living in the city so delightful, and one word echoes: convenience. 

The city’s commitment to seamless living extends to the Nol card, a multifaceted gem issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Beyond Transportation – The Nol Card Advantage:

While primarily designed for public transport payments, the Nol card transcends its role. It’s a key that unlocks many services, offering a level of versatility that aligns with Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle.

To ride the metro, bus, or other public transport modes using the Nol card, a minimum balance of Dh7.5 is required. 

Anonymous (unregistered) Nol cards can be topped up to Dh1,000, while registered or personal cards allow a higher limit of Dh5,000.

Seamless Topping Up:

Dubai’s commitment to convenience is evident in the myriad ways you can recharge your Nol card:

  1. Metro Stations: Kiosks at every metro station accept cards or cash for quick top-ups. Approach the main information desk for personalized assistance.
  2. RTA Smart Apps: On-the-go recharging is a breeze with the Nol pay app, RTA app, or S’hail app. Users can conveniently top up with an RTA account by entering Nol tag ID and payment details or scanning the card with their phone’s camera.
  3. Dubai Now: A partner app of RTA, Dubai Now facilitates Nol card top-ups once you sign in with your UAE pass account.
  4. RTA Website: The official RTA website allows users to recharge by entering the Nol tag ID, email ID, and payment details. A simple confirmation completes the process.
  5. Solar Top-up Machines: Strategically placed at select bus stops, these solar-powered machines mirror metro kiosks, providing another avenue for hassle-free card top-ups.

Elevating City Living:

Dubai’s Nol card is more than a travel pass; it’s a testament to the city’s commitment to elevating the resident experience through unmatched convenience.

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