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Dubai’s New AI Robot Patrols Beach to Monitor E-Scooter Violations

Dubai's New AI Robot Patrols Beach to Monitor E-Scooter Violations

In a bid to enhance safety measures along the vibrant Jumeirah 3 beachfront, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a groundbreaking initiative featuring a state-of-the-art AI robot. This five-foot, 200kg autonomous marvel, equipped with sophisticated AI technology and advanced sensors, is geared to detect violations committed by users of bicycles and electric scooters along the popular beach stretch.

During the trial phase spanning one month, the AI robot will meticulously scan a designated area covering approximately 600 meters along the jogging and cycling track of Jumeirah Beach 3. Operating autonomously, the robot, developed by Terminus, a leading Chinese robotics provider, is primed to identify various infractions, including riding without a helmet, overcrowding on e-scooters, and unauthorized parking or usage in restricted areas.

Hamad Alafeefi, Director at RTA’s Enterprise Command and Control Department (EC3), elaborated on the robot’s operational parameters, highlighting its daily schedule from 3pm to 11pm on weekdays and 5pm to 1am on weekends. Emphasizing safety as a top priority, Alafeefi underscored the presence of a standby safety officer to intervene in case of emergencies.

Presently boasting an 85% accuracy rate, the AI robot wields a surveillance range of up to 2km and can promptly relay data to the RTA within a mere 5 seconds. Moreover, it collaborates seamlessly with Dubai Police, sharing vital information for enhanced enforcement and monitoring.

Aside from its enforcement capabilities, the robot also offers utility beyond traffic management. With its adaptable design, it can broadcast public announcements, such as the call to prayer or weather advisories, serving as a multifunctional asset in ensuring beachgoers’ safety and convenience.

While the robot is still undergoing the trial phase, fines for violations are not yet enforced. Alafeefi elucidated that the focus remains on refining accuracy and minimizing errors before transitioning to full implementation. Proposed measures include integrating facial recognition technology linked to Emirates ID for precise identification of violators.

In parallel, discussions abound regarding the registration of e-scooters to bolster accountability and traceability. Road safety experts advocate for a system incorporating unique identifiers or number plates, alongside individual permits, to facilitate effective monitoring and enforcement.

The initiative aligns with Dubai’s progressive stance on road safety and innovation, exemplifying the city’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for societal welfare. As the trial unfolds, stakeholders anticipate enhanced safety protocols and streamlined enforcement mechanisms, fostering a safer and more orderly beachfront experience for residents and visitors alike.

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