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Dubai’s Mashriq Elite Developments unveils Floareá Residence

Work on the Floareá Residence began a few months back and is scheduled to be finished by the first quarter of 2025.

Work on the Floareá Residence began a few months back and is scheduled to be finished by the first quarter of 2025.


Mashriq Elite Developments, a prominent Dubai-based developer, has recently introduced its latest project, Floareá Residence, boasting an array of exceptional amenities. This announcement comes amid surging demand for off-plan properties in the bustling city.

The Spectacular Waterfall Feature

Height: 5 Meters | Width: 30 Meters

At the heart of Floareá Residence lies a captivating and unique feature—a magnificent waterfall. Rising to an impressive height of five meters and spanning a generous width of 30 meters, this remarkable water feature promises to be a visual masterpiece that will leave residents and visitors in awe.

Thriving Dubai Real Estate Market

A Prime Opportunity for Mashriq Elite

Kamran Muhammad, the CEO of Mashriq Elite, recognizes the thriving nature of Dubai’s real estate market as the perfect backdrop for the launch of Floareá Residence. 

The emirate’s off-plan property segment has already recorded astounding sales figures in 2023, with a total sales value of Dh126 billion during the first three quarters of the year. This significant achievement underscores the persistent high demand for innovative and enticing property projects in Dubai.

In Conclusion

The unveiling of Floareá Residence by Mashriq Elite Developments, featuring its awe-inspiring waterfall, reflects the competitive and dynamic nature of Dubai’s real estate market. 

Developers continually strive to provide distinct and luxurious experiences to attract discerning buyers and investors. Staying informed about market dynamics and trends is essential in this ever-evolving landscape.

For the latest updates on Floareá Residence and the Dubai real estate market, we recommend keeping an eye on recent news sources or visiting the official website of Mashriq Elite Developments for any developments or changes beyond my last knowledge update in September 2021.

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